Welcome to Autovest Nigeria. The digital fleet management company.
Thank you for your interest in our flexible Drive-To-Own Program.

Who is Autovest Nigeria?
Autovest Nigeria is a tech enabled digital fleet management company that specilaizes in providing cars for hardworking, smart and verified commercial partners who wants to become their own Boss through our Drive-to-Own program.

What type of cars do you lease?
The model and year of cars available on lease are based on market research and demands and are best suited to serve the intended purpose (Commercial).
We work around the brands of Toyota, Honda, Nissan and other reputable car brands. Such as Pontiac Vibe, Corolla, Camry, Civic, Versa, Altima, Sienna etc.

What is the condition of your car? Are they Nigerian or Foreign used?
All our cars are Foreign Used. We do not do Nigerian Used vehicles except the car is reassigned to a new partner/driver.

Do I have the option to choose the type of car I want?
Yes, but it has to be from the available cars posted on our digital shop at the time the driver application is received.

How much do I have to pay to own the car?
The total amount to be paid on each car varies. The total package is dependent on the type of car you're applying to Drive-To-Own. We've posted the Total package of each car online, it's Down Payment, Weekly Payment and Security Deposit. The total package of our cars are usually between the sum of 3.5million naira and 4.2 million naira.

How important is down payment?
Yes, Down payment is very important in your application process and it's one of the prerequisites.
we require a 10% minimum financial commitment (Security Deposit not inclusive) on the total value of the car on the day of pickup by the driver. What is the mode of repayment, weekly or monthly remittance? The approved mode of repayment is weekly remittance. Our weekly remittance range between 25,000 - 30,000 naira for sedans and 40,000 - 50,000 thousand naira for Sienna.

I don’t have an active account with Bolt or Uber, Rida, Indriver etc can I still register for your Drive-To-Own?
No, having an active driver account with any of the licensed Ehailing platforms is a prerequisites before a car can be assign to you.

Which locations does your operations currently cover?
For the now, our service is limited to Lagos, Ogun and Ibadan applicants. Other major cities are coming soon.

How long does your Drive-To-Own span before ownership is transfered to me?
This is strongly dependent on your commitments to own the car. Our contract usually spans between 90 - 120 weeks.
Advance and bulk payments are accepted. Any additional time beyond the contract duration attract an interest of 5% - 10% on the outstanding balance.

What measures are in place against theft and accidents?
Our cars comes with security gadgets and comprehensive insurance. Can my contract be terminated, and the vehicle repossessed? Yes, your contract can be terminated amongst other reasons like failure to remit your weekly payment, failure to turn up for physical inspection, tampering with the security gadgets, outsourcing the car and other reasons for termination that are fully stated in our Hire Purchase Agreement.

Can I change my vehicle if I don’t like it anymore?
No. The approved car cannot be changed once an agreement has been reached. To change a car, previous payment cannot be transferable and it will be forfeited.

Can I apply for a car in my name and transfer to third party to drive for me?
No. Transferring the key of the approved car to you to an authorized person or third party is an instant termination of your contracts and all previous payments made will be forfeited.

What are the requirements for a Guarantor?
We require a minimum of 2 - 3 Guarantors with reputable character and with no criminal records. They can either be a Civil Servant of not less than Grade 12 and above, business owners with evidence of owned landed property.

Who handles the vehicle registration, tracking and insurance?
The car owner handles the vehicle registration, tracking and insurance cost for the tenure of the agreement.

Who bears the cost of maintaining the car during the course of the Drive-To-Own?
The driver handles all the cost of maintaining the car and this has to be done in line with the standard laid by Autovest Nigeria. Periodic physical inspections are scheduled to ensure the maintenance standards are strictly followed.

How long does it take for me to get a car from Autovest Nigeria?
We work and process a car in less than 15 working days in as much as the documents submitted are verified. However, there are other factors that we didn't envisaged that could extend the processing duration but we will try as much as possible to expedite the process.

Can I use the car for private purposes outside ride hailing?
No, our cars are strictly for commercial purposes on Ehailing platforms. Our goal is to democratize car ownership by helping the hard working commercial drivers to become their own Boss!.

Are there other hidden fees that I need to pay before ownership can be transferred to me?
No. There are no hidden fees to be paid when the Total Package has been fully paid. All you have to do is to proceed to change the ownership of the car in your name.

How can I register?
Hundreds of application is received on a weekly basis. Our application processing is based on the principle of first come, first serve. Kindly fill the form online with accurate information, then proceed to submit by paying the non-refundable 1000 naira application fee through the approved Gateway.
If selected, Verification Fee may be required to verify your address and that of your Guarantors before you're invited to come pickup the car.